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Early Childhood

         Holy Ghost Catholic School’s PreK-3, PreK-4, and Kindergarten programs provide a solid foundation and a nurturing environment for social, emotional, and academic development in order to foster life-long learning and deepen faith. Academic activities focus on building confidence, independence, curiosity, and a love of learning. Students are individually assessed to best serve each child’s needs. Students review, build upon, and reinforce the skills and concepts previously learned throughout the year. Students learn through hands-on activities, learning centers, directive play, and small group instruction.



      The HGCS early childhood program curriculum focuses on Religion, Language Arts, Math and Social Living, as well as, Physical Education, Art, Library, and Music enrichment classes.  Learning centers include imaginative play, blocks, puzzles, art, reading/library, educational technology with iPads, and educational games.



Students learn through weekly thematic units that consist of early literacy, math, and introduction to writing skills. Religion and Social Living are also woven throughout units.


Skills included in instruction are:

*Letter recognition and formation

*Listening comprehension and literature appreciation

*Number recognition and formation

*Counting and grouping objects

*Shapes, patterns, and sequencing

*Recognition of colors

*Daily calendar and weather discussions

*Development of muscles used for fine motor skills

*Exposed to the Word of God through stories from the Old and New Testaments

*Learn to care and respect others by following the “Golden Rule”

*Practice working independently

*Understand sharing and learn how to resolve conflicts



Students learn through thematic units that review and build upon skills learned in PreK-3. Units include literacy, writing, math, religion and social living skills. The curriculum includes the following instructional programs: Abeka Phonics, Singapore Math, Seeds by Phlaum Gospel Weekly.


Skills included in instruction are:

*Letter and sound recognition

*Recognize and read CV blends and CVC words.

*Use phonics to decode short sentences

*Listening Comprehension and literature appreciation

*Journal writing and illustration

*Learn days of the week and months of the year

*Recognize number and color words

*Count orally, count by 5s and 10s, and draw sets of numbers  

*Recognize shapes and create patterns

*Understand place value, hundreds chart,

*Complete simple addition and subtraction problems

*Recognize coins and know value

*Tell time to the hour

*Pray the Sign of the Cross and Our Father

*Identify members of the Holy Family

*Learn bible stories from the Old and New Testaments

*Understand their world through unit topics on the body, plants and animals, nature, food, community helpers, and     transportation



HGCS follows the Kindergarten Louisiana Academic Standards for English/Language Arts and Math, as well as, Grade Level Expectations for Science and Social Studies instruction. The curriculum includes the following instructional programs: Reading Wonders by McGraw Hill, Saxon Math by Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, and We Believe Religion by Sadlier.


Skills included in instruction are:

*Ask and answer questions about key details in a book

*Retell stories and identify characters, setting, and major events in stories

*Identify the parts of the book

*Identifies letter sounds and decode words using phonics skills

*Reads common high-frequency words

*Read emergent-reader text with understanding

*Composes opinion, informative, and narrative pieces through drawing, dictating, and writing

*Capitalizes the first word of a sentence, phonetically spells simple words, recognizes and names end punctuation

*Identifies numbers 0-100, counts forward from a given number, counts by 1s, 5s, and 10s

*Counts numbers in a set, identifies relationships, and  sequences numbers

*Copies and extends patterns

*Solves addition and subtraction problems

*Recognizes place value

*Identifies and compares coins and values

*Identifies geometric solids and compares two and three-dimensional shapes

*Use senses to describe objects

*Classify objects as living and nonliving

*Observe and describe life cycles

*Investigate magnetism, speed, and the sky

*Classify foods into major food groups

*Identifies items on maps and globes

*Describe people and places in the school and the community

*Identify work people do and the ways people use money

*Describe daily weather and seasonal changes

*Pray the Sign of the Cross, Our Father, and Hail Mary

*Learn bible stories from the Old and New Testaments




1st, 2nd and 3rd:

There are 3 sections of first grade with a maximum capacity of 26 students.  The teachers are all certified with a full time teacher assistant.  There are 3 sections of second grade and 3 sections of third grade with a maximum capacity of 27 students. All second and third grade teachers are certified.  

First, Second and Third grades provide a solid foundation in basic content areas, at the same time encourgaing strong character, social skills and Catholic faith.  Students work on mastering the foundational skills for reading fluency and comprehension, writing, and mathmatics.

Differentiated instructional time allows students to be challenged within the structure of the classroom, while creating a unique environment that meets the needs of each student and develops each student's strengths.  

Big Events: First Grade - Easter Play, Second Grade - Reconciliation, May Crowning and First Communion, Third Grade - Book Club Celebration


Fourth Grade:

There are 3 sections of 4th grade with a maximum capacity of 27 students. All teachers are certified. Our 4th grade is semi-departmentalized, so that our students can begin learning the procedures and organizational skills required for changing classes.  

Students rotate daily between a Reading/Writing teacher, Math/Science teacher, and a Social Studies/Religion teacher. 

This also allows for differentiated instruction and helps to meet the needs of the individual learner.  

Each student has their own iPad and utilizes it in all classrooms.

Big events: St. Joseph Altar.


Fifth & Sixth Grade:

There are 3 sections in 5th and 6th grades, with a maximum capacity of 27 students per class. All teachers are certified. Our fifth and sixth grades are departmentalized.  Teachers work closely together to ensure intergration of the curriculum.  Challenging course work in reading, English language arts, science, social studies, math and religion are taught to our fifth and sixth graders daily. In addition to core subjects, student participate in Spanish and physical education classes.

Students complete various types of work in the classrooms, meeting the needs of students with all learning styles.  Each student has their own iPad and utilizes it daily in all classrooms.

Big events: 5th grade DARE Graduation  


Seventh & Eighth Grade:

There are 3 sections of 7th grade and 2 sections of eighth grade, with a maximum capacity of 27 students per section. Seventh and eighth grades offer students challenging course work in Reading and ELA, science, social studies, math, and religion.  In addition to core subjects, junior high students participate in Spanish and physical education classes. 

Qualified students may take honors courses in Math and English. 

Students who achieve academic success and demonstrate acceptable behavior are invited to join National Junior Honor Society where they can learn strong leadership skills and participate in service opportunities for the school and local community.

All students have the opportunity to earn high school credit in Physical Science.

Each student has their own iPad and utilizes it daily in all classrooms.

​Big events: 8th grade - Washington, D.C. trip, 8th grade Breakfast and Closing Ceremony.


Algebra I:

Eighth grade students are eligible to enroll in this high school credit class.  Standardized test scores determine eligibility.  This class is taught by a certified Algebra I teacher.


English I:

Eighth grade students are eligilble to enroll in this high school credit class.  Standardized test scores determine eligibility.  This class is taught by a certified teacher. 



This program provides an enriching, challenging, and innovative curriculum for the accelerated and/or gifted learner. First through eighth grade students must be eligible to enroll. Eligibility criterion is based on standardized test scores and classroom performance. B-QUEST is offered 2 days per week.



​HGCS offers a resource program for first through third students.  The K-Quest program helops students in their academic weaknesses in reading and/or math.  Students are chosen based on their DIBELS' or Go Math assessment scores and/or teacher recommendation.  The class meets once a week during their Language Arts and Math center ti


Accelerated Reader Program:

Practiced in grades first - eighth, this a powerful tool for monitoring and managing independent reading practice.  The goal is to improve reading by accelerating growth in reading ability, developing lifelong learners and critical thinkers, and improving test scores.

AR Points Club - Students will be challenged to become a member of the "Points Club."  Once a student reaches his/her goal, he/she should be encouraged to continue reading and earning points.  Students who reach the required points by the end of the AR period for the 4th 9 weeks will become a member.  As a student reaches the required points for his/her grade level, his/her name will be displayed on the bulletin board near the library under the appropriate heading and he/she will be awarded with the medal at the morning assembly.


First in Math/Math Challengers:

This online program offers comprehensive math content and encourages students to practice through game-style actvities with immediate feedback.  Students become immersed in a progression-based, interactive environment where new skills are acquired and improvement is contiually recognized.  This program is available to students in kindergarted through sixth grades.  Students meeting a goal of 3,000 points of more receive a Mathematician certificate as well as an award party at the end of the school year.



Holy Ghost School offers this class for students in K to 8th grade. 


Title I:  Tangipahoa Parish School System offers Title I resource services for those students in need of special assistance.  An evaluation of needs determines the eligibility for this program.


Special Education:  Two Tangipahoa Parish School System teachers offer special education classes for those students eligible for these services.


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