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Teachers have an exceptional responsibility due to the impact they have on a student. Teachers know they will be judged with a greater strictness than others. Jesus is often called a teacher and he himself confirmed that he was one, as were the apostles.


The ability to teach is a gift in which the teacher serves others and leads by example with the objective to make the students as wise as the teacher.


It is the teacher's task to be prepared, handle the truth correctly, and teach accurate information while treating the pupil with respect and love. Integrity, dignity, faithfulness, and lack of hypocrisy are traits a teacher should possess. 


Here is the Holy Ghost Faculty - the best teachers in all the world!!!



Teachers' Prayer


Help me to be a fine teacher,

To keep peace in the classroom,

Peace between my students and myself,

To be kind and gentle

To each and every one of my students.

Help me to be merciful to my students,

To balance mercy and discipline

In the right measure for each student,

To give genuine praise as much as possible,

To give constructive criticism

In a manner that is palatable to my students.

Help me to remain conscientious

Enough to keep my lessons always interesting,

To recognize what motivates each of my students,

To accept my students' limitations

And not hold it against them.

Help me not to judge my students too harshly,

To be fair to all,

To be a good role model,

But most of all Lord help me

To show your love to all of my students.





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