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About Us

Holy Ghost Catholic School was named for the Third Person of the Blessed Trinity, the Holy Ghost / Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit is symbolic of peace and security. The members of our community ask in prayer, schoolwork, or in leisure that the Holy Spirit guide us and be the center of our school life. Our school has always been overseen by the Dominican Order. The founder of the order was St. Dominic Guzman who was born in Calruega, Spain, in 1170. The purpose of creating this order was to preach the good news of Jesus and the salvation of souls. The Dominican Order was approved by the Church in 1217, when Pope Honorius III gave Dominic the title of "Order of Preachers." There are currently about 800,000 members of the Dominican family worldwide. This includes sisters, nuns, priests, brothers, laity, and associates. Dominicans are found on every continent. The four pillars of the Dominican life are community, prayer, study, and service.

Gifts of the Holy Spirit

Our religious teachings at Holy Ghost School help us to learn about the gifts of the Holy Ghost. There are two kinds of gifts. The first gifts specially intended for the sanctification of the person who receives them. These gifts include wisdom, understanding, council, fortitude, knowledge, piety (godliness), and fear of the Lord. 
The second gift is charismata in which extraordinary favors are granted for the help of another. These gifts are: gift of speaking with wisdom, knowledge and faith; grace of healing; gift of miracles; gift of tongues; gift of interpreting speeches; gift of government; and the gift of help. 

Faculty Directory

  Name Title
Dawn Anderson Anderson, Dawn 3rd Grade Teacher
Tracy Andry Andry, Tracy
Emily Beauchamp Beauchamp, Emily 5th/6th Religion Teacher
Pam Boeckman Boeckman, Pam PE/Athletic Director
Kristy Bolton Bolton, Kristy Pre-k4 Assistant
Mollie Bonfiglio Bonfiglio, Mollie Kindergarten Teacher
Melissa Bordelon Bordelon, Melissa 7th/8th Social Studies
William Bordelon Bordelon, William Technology Coordinator
Chelsea Bourgeois Bourgeois, Chelsea 7th/8th Math Teacher
Jennifer Brown Brown, Jennifer Art Teacher
Kristen Coats Coats, Kristen Pre-K4 Teacher
Kaycee Colona Colona, Kaycee Human Resources
Provence Crnko Crnko, Provence Music Teacher
Mary Beth Crossie Crossie, Mary Beth Kindergarten Assistant
Charlotte Dahmer Dahmer, Charlotte Advanced Math/Algebra 1
Miriam Davis Davis, Miriam
Tammy Dawson Dawson, Tammy 5th/6th Language Arts
Brianne Dees Dees, Brianne 1st Grade Teacher
Shanna DeMarco DeMarco, Shanna 3rd Grade Teacher
Jenna Dow Dow, Jenna 5th/6th Science Teacher
Brenda Duhe Duhe, Brenda Kindergarten Teacher Assistant
Alissa Dunn Dunn, Alissa Kindergarten Teacher
Janell Flanagan Flanagan, Janell Receptionist
Rebecca Griffin Griffin, Rebecca Pre-K Teacher Assistant
Teresa Guidry Guidry, Teresa Pre-K3 Teacher Assistant
Kathryn Huggett Huggett, Kathryn Librarian, English I
Belinda Jimenez Jimenez, Belinda clerk/food tech
Joell Jones Jones, Joell Library Assistant
Deborah Kropog Kropog, Deborah Counselor
Grace Ladner Ladner, Grace Aftercare
Angela Lanaux Lanaux, Angela 7th Religion Teacher
Megan Laurent Laurent, Megan Administrative Assistant
Danielle Lawtum Lawtum, Danielle Pre-K2 Assistant
Nina LeBlanc LeBlanc, Nina Pre-K4 Teacher Assistant
Allyson Leonard Leonard, Allyson 1st Grade Teacher
Laura Linn Linn, Laura Pre-K2 Teacher Assistant
Megan Macaluso Macaluso, Megan Pre-k4 Teacher
Traci Mayeaux Mayeaux, Traci Pre-k3 Assistant
Cierra McDaniel McDaniel, Cierra 1st Grade Teacher
JoAnn Mike Mike, JoAnn Pre-K4 Teacher Assistant
Brett Morrison Morrison, Brett 5th/6th Social Studies
Melissa Morrison Morrison, Melissa 7th Grade Language Arts Teacher
Terri Morrison Morrison, Terri Assistant Principal
Adrienne Olah Olah, Adrienne Teacher
Jennifer Owens Owens, Jennifer Kindergarten Teacher
Linda Owens Owens, Linda 4th Grade Teacher
Monica Painting Painting, Monica 3rd Grade Teacher
Hannah Pierce Pierce, Hannah 7th/8th Science Teacher
Casey Potts Potts, Casey Physical Education
Erin Potts Potts, Erin Pre-K3 Teacher
Jennifer Robert Robert, Jennifer Pre-K2 Teacher
Suzy Rogers Rogers, Suzy Accounting
Natalie Ruiz Ruiz, Natalie Pre-K3 Teacher
Lindsay Schanzbach Schanzbach, Lindsay Kindergarten Teacher
Melissa Scott Scott, Melissa Kindergarten Assistant
Stephanie Smith Smith, Stephanie Pre-K4 Teacher
Desirée Street Street, Desirée Pre-k3 Teacher
Sheila Tallia Tallia, Sheila Pre-K4 Teacher Assistant
Kim Taylor Taylor, Kim
Kimberly Taylor Taylor, Kimberly Bookkeeper
Sarah Theriot Theriot, Sarah 2nd Grade Teacher
Melissa Thomas Thomas, Melissa 4th Grade Teacher
Melanie Trombatore Trombatore, Melanie 8th Grade Language Arts
Jessica Vallery Vallery, Jessica Kindergarten Teacher Assistant
Jordan Vicknair Vicknair, Jordan 1st Grade Teacher
Cindy Wagner Wagner, Cindy Enrichment/Yearbook
Amy Wall Wall, Amy 4th Grade Teacher
Alexis Wallette Wallette, Alexis 5th/6th Reading Teacher
Donna Wallette Wallette, Donna Principal
Dana Watts Watts, Dana OTHER
Raven Weber Weber, Raven Pre-k3 Assistant
Karen Wilder Wilder, Karen Curriculum Coach
Daniel Williams Williams, Daniel 5th-6th Grade Teacher
Hollie Wootan Wootan, Hollie Computer Lab
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