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The HGCS Dad's Club is an active organization that raises money for many important school projects.  Some of their many endeavors include selling seafood on Lenten Fridays as a drive-up food service, having a booth at the Holy Ghost Parish Fair, and helping to maintain the school grounds.  It's a wonderful way to get involved with other parents and promote community. We also have fun social gatherings.
The Holy Ghost Dad's Club works every year to help Holy Ghost Catholic School with special projects designed to enrich the school experience of it students. From scholarships to beautification of the campus, these projects aremade possible through various fundraisers throughout the year. The money raised by the Holy Ghost Dad's Club from the previous school year, along with generous contributions and donations from Marty Adams, Michael Gangi, Peter Chan, Joe Abene, Randy Perise, Charlie Durand, Ryan Faulk, and New Orleans Seafoodwas used to rebuild the wooden deck used by the middle school and junior high students.
Pictured are: Front row: Ernie Thibodeaux, Rick Sedberry, and Charley Cormier. Middle row: Bill Fritz, Travis Ridgel, Mark Eason, and Daniel Mercante. Back row: Kevin Wade, Scott Street, Philip McCrory, Todd Yenni, Clay Revere, and Kyle Hamel
Upcoming Meetings
November 20th, 7pm, La Caretta Ponchatoula
December 19th, 7pm, Holy Ghost Parish Hall
January 15th, 7pm Murphy's
February 19th, 7pm La Caretta in Ponchatoula
March 18th, 7pm Kirin
April 15th, 7pm Murphy's
Officers for 2019-2020 are:

Travis Ridgel, President
Daniel Mercante, Vice President
Bill Fritz, Treasurer
Matt Uzee, Secretary
Charley Cormier, Past President
It's not too late to become a member!

For any additional information Email Us

Upcoming Event

April 4th 9:00AM - 12:00PM
$10/person in advance 
$12/person at the door