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The extracurricular athletics program is organized to provide an opportunity for students enrolled at Holy Ghost to participate in an organized interscholastic athletic program which is consistent with the philosophy and values of the schools of the Baton Rouge Diocese.







The diocesan philosophy of school-sponsored athletics for elementary and middle schools is as follows:


The greatest strengths of the Catholic elementary and middle schools of the Diocese of Baton Rouge are the opportunity and responsibility of the administration of each school to consider and use the uniqueness of its circumstances to provide the best Catholic education possible for its students.  Within this basic tenet, the first priority of such schools is the overall development and growth of each of their students-spiritually, socially, mentally, emotionally, and physically.  School-sponsored interscholastic athletic programs shall provide a medium by which students can:

  • develop an awareness of their abilities

  • learn and improve athletic skills

  • acquire the true meaning of and practice sportsmanship

  • be a part of team effort

  • enhance their self-esteem and feelings of belonging

  • form foundations for a healthy adult lifestyle






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